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Bee Approved is certified Vegan

The word vegan was created in 1944 by the Vegan Society; their Trademark is the authentic international vegan standard (www.vegansociety.com). Today’s products, including substitutes for honey must pass strict criteria to be eligible for registration. Individual applications are scrutinised by a dedicated and experienced team of professionals, who query any potential inclusion of animal ingredients. This includes any not present in the final result.

Bee Approved is certified Organic

The term “organic” refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed and this can have a major impact on your mental and emotional well-being, as well as on the environment. People with allergies to foods, chemicals, or preservatives often find their symptoms lessen, or even disappear, when they eat organic foods.

Organic foods are often more nutritionally beneficial, contain fewer pesticides, are GMO free and are better for the environment. Genetically engineered foods are plants whose DNA has been changed in ways that cannot occur naturally and this is most commonly carried out to produce resistance to pesticides, insecticides, or to increase crop yields.

Bee Approved is Gluten Free

Gluten is the protein component genetically found in wheat, rye and barley and Modern diets have become increasingly dependent on it. Gluten sensitivity may result in bloating, pain and stomach cramps and a gluten-free diet, of which alternatives to honey, like Bee Approved can be beneficial. It is important to note this intolerance is different from coeliac disease – an auto-immune condition caused by a reaction to gluten, which must be avoided for life.

Gluten-free diets should be full of whole foods and rich in nutrients. The wide range of gluten-free products now available, may not be as high in fibre, iron, folic acid and B vitamins as their mainstream counterparts so, if you have any concerns about your nutritional intake you should speak to your GP.

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I was happy to know that I could get this amazing organic honey in my area! This is just great what you guys do. My kids love the honey, and we are using your site to learn about healthy recipes that include all sorts of it!

Martin Moore

What can I say? It's perfect! It's everything I needed and more - all wrapped up in one excellent expereince. Thank you for doing your job right, you sure know how to make a customer feel special. Keep up the great work.

Melissa Fray

Your staff has been treating me with maximum care, thank you. I enjoyed the experience of working with you all very much. All questions were answered in time, and I felt that you guys pay attention to every detail.

John stevens


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